Free Introduction to Ukulele Workshop

FREE “Introduction To Ukulele” workshop

LIVE on Zoom!

First time holding a ukulele? Don't have a clear path to get started? Maybe you just need a little bit of success to see how fun and easy it can be! What question do you have?

You are invited to meet Melanie Lawson Kareem LIVE on Zoom and get your questions answered on Friday June 7, 2024 for one hour, beginning at:

12pm Pacific

1pm Mountain

2pm Central

3pm Eastern 

You’ll learn how to tune & hold a ukulele. What is a strum? A chord? Note? String? Fret? etc.? It’s even OK if you don't have a ukulele yet! The workshop will expose you to “ukulele learning” so you’ll be able to determine if this might be the right hobby for you. 

Limited to 10 participants worldwide. To reserve a spot, or to be put on the waiting list, contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

To confirm your reservation we’ll email you the "Be Prepared To Start Checklist.” Then, shortly before the workshop, we will email the Special Zoom Meeting Invitation.

P.S. For the best chance of success, you might want to get our $10 starter kit and order a Snark clip-on tuner from our website. Call us, we'll answer the phone! May your life be filled with musical joy for months and years to come!