The Starter Kit includes:

1. The Ukulele Dots (two sets):

Start your journey into Get Started Playing Ukulele by purchasing a set of Melanie's colored ukulele dots.
The color dots correspond directly to our song sheets and chord images and are an essential element to joining the Zoom classes.

Click the Purchase button to buy the dots along with "Melanie's 12 Musical Notes" guide. Once Purchased, we will send them to you in the mail.

2. "Melanie's 12 Musical Notes" guide:

Melanie's 12 Musical Notes will come in handy as you learn music theory in class.

This item is packaged with the Ukulele Dots and sent in the mail together.

3. Newcomer's Checklist:

Once you have purchased your dots and "Melanie's 12 Musical Notes", you will also receive full access to the Newcomer's Checklist, which includes videos on how to put the dots on your ukulele and "How to Tune Your Ukulele".

You can "preview" several items from this checklist below.

To purchase The Starter Kit: